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    Practical Educational Resources When You Need Them

    The Grand Rounds Toolkit

    This Grand Rounds Toolkit is a resource to both learn and teach when to suspect PFO in patients with cryptogenic stroke and ensure appropriate team-based evaluation. Access downloadable PowerPoint files with lecture notes, recordings, and more. MORE »


    COVID-19 and Acute Myocardial Infarction

    In this timely webinar brought to you by SCAI and CAIC, faculty authors discuss guidance from the recent publication, "Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction During the COVID-19 Pandemic." MORE »


    TAVR and COVID-19: Latest Society Guidance and Experiences From the US and Canada

    Brought to you by SCAI and CAIC, join us for this leading-edge webinar. Clinician thought-leaders will discuss managing TAVR programs during the COVID-19 crisis. Leave with immediate take-aways for your program. MORE »


    PFO Closure: The Future Is Now

    In light of the recently published data of three randomized controlled trials in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrating that PFO closure plus medical therapy reduces the risk of recurrent stroke in cryptogenic patients versus medical therapy alone—watch how to create a PFO closure program and how to provide referring physicians with clarity on the procedure and clinical data. MORE »


    Improving Clinical Outcomes After PCI: Advances in Lipid Management and the Interventionalist’s Role

    Watch Arnold SetoMD, MPA, FSCAI, Subhash Banerjee, MD, FSCAI, and others discuss using PCSK9i-inhibitors to treat hypercholesterolemia that does not respond well to statin therapy.  MORE »


    Improving Outcomes in AMI Cardiogenic Shock and STEMI

    Watch Navin Kapur, Alexander Truesdell, and William O’Neill discuss the latest on treating cardiogenic shock with protected PCI. You’ll learn about the importance of ventricular unloading in management and AMI and cardiogenic shock and future directions in STEMI care, building shock teams, and the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative. MORE »



    Antiplatelet Considerations
    in Cardiogenic Shock: A Case-Based Review

    This program features a combination of case-based presentations and literature review to summarize the antiplatelet needs of patients with cardiogenic shock and ACS. Faculty discusses several technical issues associated with oral and nonoral antiplatelets agents, and the program will underscore what is known about cangrelor, a parenteral, fast-acting, reversible P2Y12 inhibitor.  MORE »



    SCAI SHOCK Learning Center

    Review slides from the SCAI SHOCK 2018 live course. Topics include: review of the diagnosis and management of cardiogenic shock, noninvasive and invasive diagnostic, advanced hemodynamic monitoring and assessment, and contemporary treatment. MORE »