• Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory Survey Program

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    What is the Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory Survey Program?

    SCAI's Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory Survey Program is a resource for physicians and cardiovascular catheterization laboratory administrators seeking comprehensive, independent outside review of all aspects of their cardiovascular catheterization laboratories. The program was the brainchild of several pioneers in invasive and interventional cardiology. In 1981, not long after SCAI was established, they found themselves overwhelmed by requests from physicians seeking expert input on how to run safe and successful laboratories. After several site visits demonstrated that many cardiovascular catheterization laboratories could be improved through constructive review, the program was formalized. Since then, numerous physicians and administrators have turned to SCAI for assistance in identifying the strengths and deficiencies of their labs and developing plans for improvement.

    How Does the Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory Survey Program Work?

    A lab survey is initiated at your request. SCAI selects two senior Fellows with extensive experience working in catheterization laboratories.  In many cases, they are or have been the directors of major laboratories. Whenever possible, the survey team includes one member from an academic setting and another from private practice. We ensure that both reviewers are always from geographic areas far from your laboratory.  The team spends one to two days on-site at your laboratory, reviewing all aspects of your lab's functioning. The facilities are toured, equipment is examined, records are reviewed, and statistics are analyzed. The team reviews cases at random, considering patient selection, imaging quality, and accuracy of the catheterization reports.  At the end of the site visit, the reviewers will provide preliminary, face-to-face feedback. You can ask questions, and you can start developing ways to improve your lab. In a few weeks, you'll receive a comprehensive report, complete with recommendations for enhancing the performance of your lab and, of course, delivering better care to your patients.

    Who Sees the Report on My Lab?

    You. No one else, unless you choose to share it with others. The report is prepared by the survey team and delivered to you. All findings and recommendations are kept in the strictest confidence and covered by peer review confidentiality.

    Why Have Other Labs Requested Reviews?

    Today's cardiovascular catheterization laboratories are facing difficult and often conflicting priorities. They are being challenged to curtail costs, incorporate new technologies into their care protocols, ensure quality, and document outcomes improvement. With all of these pressures, as well as increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies, many labs are looking for an unbiased assessment of their performance and insights into their problems.

    How Do I Initiate a Review of My Lab?

    Any hospital or cardiovascular catheterization laboratory may request a review of its program. Call 800.992.7224, email info@scai.org or send a letter of request to:

    The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
    1100 17th Street, NW, Suite 400
    Washington, DC 20036
    Attn: Lab Survey Committee