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    1. Definition
    2. Qualifications
    3. MSCAI Selection Process
    4. Timeline
    5. Application Regulations

    1. Definition

    The MSCAI category by design is limited to a small, highly select group of SCAI Fellows, elected for outstanding achievements in—and contributions to—the field of cardiac and/or endovascular angiography and/or intervention. An MSCAI is recognized for having demonstrated excellence over a career, manifested by a commitment to the highest levels of clinical care, innovation, research and, and/or teaching. An MSCAI

    • Sets a moral and ethical example for others,
    • Strives for excellence in patient care, and
    • Is committed to the highest professional standards.

    To maintain the special status of this designation, no more than 5% of the Society’s active Fellowship can have this designation at any point in time. An MSCAI who subsequently retires or transfers from active to “Senior” or “Emeritus” status will not be considered as part of the 5% of active fellows who are MSCAI. Such individuals will be considered “Senior MSCAI” or “Emeritus MSCAI” and will retain the right to use the MSCAI designation for as long as they remain SCAI members in good standing. Note: Although retired or posthumous members may be worthy of this honor, only active members are eligible.

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    2. Qualifications

    Criteria for Selection

    To be elected an MSCAI, all of the following three criteria must be met:

    1. Must be an active FSCAI, currently involved in the field of cardiac and/or endovascular angiography and/or intervention (as documented by appropriate support letters and other materials). Note: Although retired or posthumous members may be worthy of this honor, only active members are eligible.

    2. Must be a SCAI member in good standing for at least the preceding ten consecutive years before nomination.

    3. Must have a minimum of twenty years of post-training professional experience in cardiac and/or endovascular angiography and/or intervention or contributions specifically to the field of angiography/intervention.

    Additional Criteria

    In addition to the above mandatory criteria, the candidate for MSCAI designation must also meet the “Leadership and Service to SCAI” requirement and at least two, if not all, of the following criteria:

    1. Leadership and Service to SCAI: Demonstrated experience as a leader in the professional community (e.g., professional societies, medical institutions, etc.) and contributions to SCAI including service as faculty at SCAI meetings, membership in or leadership of SCAI committees, and working groups.Scientific achievements: Has produced significant research in the field of cardiac and/or endovascular angiography and/or intervention. The number of publications is less important than the quality. However, it would be unusual to consider a candidate with <100 peer-reviewed publications. The combination of innovation and breadth and depth of the body of work are most important. Supportive evidence for the clinical importance of the research may include, but not be limited to, the number of citations by other authors or a prestigious award for the research quality or other objective measures of the importance of the research.

    2. Innovation and technical developments: Has innovated devices and/or techniques that have significantly impacted patient care.

    3. Teaching: A documented record of excellence in professional education (e.g., Teacher of the Year, Mentor of the Year).

    4. Clinical achievements: While all FSCAIs by definition have demonstrated clinical competence, the MSCAI demonstrates an especially high level of clinical achievement in terms of special aspects which may include, but not be limited to:
      1. Developing and teaching operators new or improved techniques that significantly improve clinical outcomes;

      2. Adhering to the highest standards of ethics and professional standards; and

      3. Recognition by other medical professionals for clinical activities including, but not limited to, documentation of frequent referrals of challenging cases from other interventional cardiologists, documented recognition as an outstanding operator, or frequent operator at live case demonstrations at prestigious meetings.

        There is no threshold for the number or type of procedures to qualify nor is being a “high volume” operator a criterion per se for MSCAI. Rather, the clinical achievements of an MSCAI must be clearly documented in such a way as to differentiate that individual from others who have become expert clinicians in interventional procedures. This category requires a well-articulated written justification as to why this individual is being proposed for the highly selective MSCAI designation under the “Clinical Achievement” criteria.

        The submitted nomination must provide clear justification why the nominated individual is being considered for this award, notably in the absence of more readily quantifiable variables such as publications or leadership record. In the absence of achievements in other areas, it is likely that very few individuals will be considered for MSCAI under the heading of “Clinical Achievements” alone.

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    3. MSCAI Selectors

    There will be designated MSCAI Selectors. The makeup of the Selectors will be as broad as possible to represent all relevant constituencies of the Society. 

    Voting Members

    The Selectors will be composed of the following individuals:

    1. All former SCAI Presidents

    2. All current members of the Executive Committee

    3. All current members of the Board of Directors

    4. MSCAIs

    5. Credentials Committee members

    Selectors are not excluded from consideration for nomination, or self-nomination as MSCAIs. The Credentials Committee Chair will serve as Chair of the MSCAI selection process.

    Selection Process and Regulations

    Selection will occur once a year, with new MSCAI members announced and formally inducted at the Annual Scientific Sessions. The schedule for application, deadline, and selection will be developed by the Credentials Committee. As a guideline, the nomination/application period will be June–December with an announcement of new MSCAI at the May annual meeting. These dates may be revised by the Credentials Committee.

    The Credentials Committee Chair will review all applications according to the criteria described above before submitting each candidate to the Selectors. A list of qualified candidates will be submitted to the Selectors for review and voting.  Should the Credentials Committee Chair conclude an applicant clearly does not meet the criteria to qualify as an MSCAI candidate they will not be submitted to the Selectors for review and voting.

    Selection for MSCAI will require at least 60% affirmative votes of the Selection Committee voting members.

    A maximum of twenty (20) MSCAI will be elected each year for the first 6 years and 10 thereafter, but in no instance will more than 5% of the Society’s Fellows be MSCAI at any given point in time. If there are more than twenty (20) candidates with greater than 60% of the votes from 2013-2019 and ten (10) from 2020 onward, only the top ten vote-receivers in this circumstance will be elected. Any individual receiving greater than 60% will be automatically placed as a candidate for the following year’s selection process.

    Applications or nominations for MSCAI can be submitted by any member (any membership category) of the Society, including the candidate him/herself, utilizing a standardized form provided by the Society.

    A completed application will consist of the application/ nomination form, a letter of recommendation or self-nomination, and the CV of the candidate. Other documents or items may be requested from the nominator or candidate as the Credentials Committee determines.


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    4. Timeline

    1. October 4, 2019               Application period begins
    2. November 15, 2019         Application period ends
    3. November 25, 2019         Finalized applications with voting forms to Selectors
    4. December 9, 2019           Voting period ends
    5. December 20, 2019         Voting collated; MSCAI fellows finalized
    6. January 6, 2020               Elected MSCAI fellows notified
    7. May 2020                        SCAI Annual Meeting MSCAI fellows announced


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    5. Application Regulations

    A SCAI member may nominate up to three candidates.

    A SCAI Fellow can self-nominate.

    Members of the Selection Committee may nominate and vote for themselves.

    Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    Responses should be as specific as possible to provide evidence of the exemplary aspects of the candidate.

    A sponsor letter or letter from a self-nominated candidate should accompany application form. The letter should summarize the primary reason(s) for nomination, particularly the categories that are exemplary and any special reasons. The letter should be concise (recommend 600 words or less).

    If more than one person nominates the same candidate, all application materials for that candidate will be combined and sent to the selectors for review.


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