• Committees and Councils

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    Committees and Councils

    Committees and councils play an integral role in SCAI fulfilling its mission and implementing its strategic plan. The call for applicants to serve on committees and councils is now open. If you're interested, please fill out this online application. All positions start and end in May of the years assigned unless otherwise noted.

    If you are interested in participating in ad-hoc service projects throughout the year, please fill out this online application or fill out this form and submit it.

    Download Committee Roles, Responsibilities & Timeline.

    Download Organizational Chart—Committees 2019–2020.


    Bylaws & Ethics

    Mission: To develop, update, and oversee enforcement of the Society’s code of ethics and related policies.

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    CME Oversight

    Mission: To maintain SCAI's ACCME accreditation, review proposed educational programs for approval, and advise the Board of Trustees on all matters concerning CME within the Society.

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    Mission: To inform and educate media, the public, and non-interventional healthcare providers about the important role of invasive/interventional cardiology in optimal cardiovascular care and outcomes; and to expand SCAI’s visibility and credibility among these audiences.

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    Development/Industry Relations

    Mission: To develop and maintain proper relationships with industry partners in accordance with SCAI’s and other organizations’ policies.

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    Mission: To advise the SCAI Board of Trustees on SCAI’s strategic educational direction commensurate with SCAI’s overall strategic goals, and to review and develop educational products* related to the clinical practice of interventional cardiologists and interventional cardiology fellows in training.

    *Those SCAI programs which contain educational components but are not related to the output of educational products around clinical practice should be sent to the Education Committee on a “review and respond” basis.

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    Mission: To monitor the financial affairs of the Society, recommend the budget, and provide opinions concerning budget requests to the Board of Trustees.

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    Government Relations

    Mission: To educate our members, ourselves, and key stakeholders (legislators and their staffs, government agencies, patients and the general public) about policies and positions that directly and indirectly affect all aspects of interventional cardiology and to advocate for those positions as directed by the SCAI Executive Committee.

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    Mission: To develop and foster SCAI’s close, productive, and respectful partnerships with interventional organizations and working groups worldwide on issues in interventional cardiology of global interest, including, but not limited to, professional education, guidelines, and leadership.

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    Mission: To recruit, engage and retain SCAI members and to ensure the Society creates and maintains member value.

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    Program (Annual Meeting)

    Mission: To plan the scientific program for the SCAI Annual Scientific Sessions and present these plans to the Board of Trustees, and to maintain documentation for continuing medical education.

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    Mission: To promote optimal patient care through educational, policy, and clinical/scientific documents that reflect the current state-of-the-science in interventional cardiology.

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    Quality Improvement

    Mission: To provide guidance and recommendations for development of the Society’s policies and positions related to healthcare quality improvement initiatives (SCAI-QIT), with emphasis on quality measures, public reporting of quality measures, pay-for-performance initiatives, interventional cardiology standards development, and radiation issues.

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    Mission: To increase Congressional interest in and support of legislative proposal favored by SCAI. Policy positions are set by SCAI's Advocacy Committee (with the oversight of the Executive Committee) by raising funds to support the campaigns of sympathetic politicians. Our focus is on Congress, not state, local or presidential elections.

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    Women in Innovations (WIN)

    Mission: To foster professional development, education, collaboration, and research by and on behalf of women in interventional cardiology and their patients.

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    • Congenital Heart Disease
    • Ischemic Heart Disease
    • Structural Heart Disease
    • Vascular Heart Disease

    Congenital Heart Disease

    Mission: To further the education, advocacy, and information exchange within the pediatric interventionalist community.

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    Ischemic Heart Disease

    Mission: Coming Soon

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    Vascular Disease

    Mission: To ensure proper communication among all Society activities related to peripheral vascular disease, in collaboration with other professional organizations.

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    Structural Heart Disease

    Mission: To provide a forum for structural heart disease specialists to collaborate on issues facing cardiovascular specialists who treat structural heart disease so that patients receive optimal care.

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